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Economic Outlook

HARBOR offers qualitative and quantitative economic intelligence through clear, concise and timely reports. We support our clients in their decision making in order to capitalize on opportunities and avoid risks. Our economic intelligence will give you a strategic advantage in your operation, project evaluation, annual budget and medium-term planning. HARBOR has a team of experts for any queries on the economic environment and statistical information.

Analyzes in an executive format the economic environment’s recent evolution and its perspectives (Global, Latin America, US and Mexico). The report presents an annual projection of more than forty of Mexico’s and the US main macroeconomic variables for the current year and the next five years, as well as monthly forecasts for this year and the next of variables such as industrial production, retail sales, inflation, interest rates, etc.… All the above, under three scenarios (Base, Favorable and Unfavorable), as well as published in Spanish and English.



In this report, we present the premises or basis behind our Economic Outlook’s numerical projections for the three scenarios including the political environment.



Monthly update of Mexico’s consumer inflation with an executive analysis of the most significant factors that explained its behavior. The report includes an update of HARBOR’s Mexico consumer prices’ outlook for the current year and the next under three scenarios (Base, Favorable and Unfavorable).



Contains in a HARBOR like format, for comparison purposes, Mexico’s main macroeconomic variables average scenario of more than thirty national and foreign analysts (HARBOR intelligence included). This survey is carried out by Banxico. Additionally, this report provides in-a-nutshell an explanation of the main differences between HARBOR’s and Banxico’s analysts average outlook.



Aggregate Supply-

In-depth analysis of Mexico’s macroeconomic outlook at the sector and branch level. It provides detailed quarterly (current year and the next) and annual (current year and the next 5) forecasts of Mexico’s production: 19 economic sectors and 56 branches under three scenarios (Base, Favorable and Unfavorable).

Aggregate Demand-

Quarterly (current year and the next) and annual projections (next 5 years) under three scenarios of Mexico’s GDP Aggregate Demand components (public and private spending by type of consumption (durable, non-durable, semi-durable and services) , public and private investment, exports and imports of goods and services). Everything under three scenarios.

Includes executive report edited in Spanish and English



In order to support our clients explain their annual results, this report contains an in-depth executive summary of the previous year economic environment drivers. A second mid-year report identifies the most relevant aspects of the economy during the first half of the current year.



Strategic and timely special reports and presentations on the global, US, LATAM and Mexico’s economy most relevant drivers. More data, intelligence and understanding of the economic environment to enrich your decision making process and act ahead of the competition.


Exchange Rate Service

Allows you to make exchange rate decisions with more and better information.

Weekly Exchange Rate Monitor

Edited in Spanish and English.
Executive report every Monday morning

Mexican peso's expected evolution


Attractive levels and days for buying and selling


Monitoring main economic variables


Fortnightly forecasts under different scenarios

Monthly Exchange Rate Monitor

Edited in Spanish and English, it analyzes in greater depth (technical and fundamental analysis) the factors that are estimated to affect the peso/dollar exchange rate's behavior in the current month and the rest of the year.

3 scenarios

Everything under a Base, Favorable and Unfavorable scenarios

2 and 5 years

2-year monthly and 5-year annual projections

Mexico’s States Outlook

This report contains detailed economic projections of each State of the Mexican Republic. The total GDP of each state and the GDP of 19 sectors and 10 economic branches are forecasted on an annual basis, as well as 19 additional economic variables, such as employment, wages, retail sales, industrial production, construction, among others, on a monthly, quarterly or annual bases, depending on data availability, for the current year and the next, and annually for the next 5 years. It includes:
  • Excel document with historical data and projections of Mexico’s States, their sectors and their most relevant macroeconomic variables.
  • Executive quarterly report comparing the State’s economic performance (GDP) and ranking of each State’s macroeconomic variables behavior.
  • Tableau Reader document that allows you to analyze the information contained in the EXCEL book interactively; that is, it allows data manipulation through filters by State, periodicity, type of indicator, etc., as well as graphing and mapping the available data.
  • We provide assistance on the use of Excel documents and Tableau Reader.
  • Queries on the State’s report (by phone or email).

Energy Prices Outlook

Energy Prices Outlook (MONTHLY)
This report presents monthly national projections for the current year and the next, and annual forecasts for the next 5 years of Mexico and the US main energy prices, such as gasoline (Magna, Premium and Diesel), Propane Gas, Mont Belvieu Gas, Natural Gas CFE, Henry Hub Gas, High and Medium Voltage Electricity, Mexican Export Mix (MME), West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent oil. Additionally, it contains an in-depth executive report explaining the energy prices’ recent evolution and HARBOR’s short and long term outlook.
Gasoline prices by State (MONTHLY)
(Service not included in the energy outlook) This report presents monthly projections for Mexico's States (32) for the current year and the next, and annual projections for the next 5 years of the Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline prices.
Electricity prices by Region (MONTHLY)
(Service not included in the energy outlook) HARBOR's monthly electricity prices' projections for Mexico's 17 Regions established by CFE for the current year and the next, and annual projections for the next 5 years by each type of tariff (domestic, commercial, industrial, etc...).

Forecasting Models

HARBOR’s econometric models generate reliable sales, consumption, or market share forecasts, and allow the impact of explanatory variables to be quantified under various macroeconomic scenarios.
They can also quantify the consumers and competition’s response to marketing actions carried out by your company, which constitutes an excellent support tool to effectively direct the company's global marketing and sales efforts.

Intelligence systems

Our intelligence systems service is tailored made for each customer that allows the company to identify the stage of the cycle (expansion, contraction, stagnation) in which its industry is located and the position in which the industry is within its medium or long term cycle.
We build coincident and leading indicators that determine the current and future behavior of your company's sector (manufacturing, construction, trade, services, among others).
The coincident indicator reflects the economic cycle’s behavior providing an insight of the current state of an economic sector, while the leading indicator shows the future trend that this sector will follow.
Additionally, this service may include quarterly reports on both qualitative and quantitative behavior of the sectors of interest, as well as the premises behind our projections.


Presentations on the economic environment, prospects for your industry, comprehensive analysis of the exchange rate and political environment, energy prices, among other topics.

Useful for your company's board of directors and managers, suppliers and customers.