HARBOR leadership

Jorge Vázquez


Mr. Vázquez has more than 40 years of experience in the economic and market environment analysis. He Founded HARBOR intelligence in 1995, and since then has been its managing director.

He was Director of Economic and Market Evaluation at FEMSA, company in which he worked for 18 years, and he was member of the Femsa Beer's Board of Directors.

He represented the Mexican Beer Industry in NAFTA negotiations between the US, Canada, and South and Central American Countries.

Mr.Vázquez studied his bachelor’s in economics at the “Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey”, he obtained a certificate in Economic Development and Project Evaluation at Cambridge University in England. He also has a master’s degree in Planning and Economic Development from the East Anglia University.

Jorge Vazquez has written articles for different magazines and newspapers and has participated as a speaker in academic and business forums in Mexico and abroad, as well as radio and television programs.

Francisco Navarro


Francisco Navarro is Director of Econometrics and Statistics at HARBOR intelligence.

He has been at HARBOR intelligence for more than 20 years and has a vast experience in the development of econometric models for different leader industries in Mexico, which have been used as support in the operation, planning, and expansion strategies. Additionally, he has participated in the realization of models for the US Government, and has developed econometric models that have been used as technical evidence by Mexico’s treasury department (SHCP) in tax issues and the price-elasticity of an industry’s demand.

He studied the Bachelor in Economics at the “Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León”, and has an Econometrics Master degree from the “Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México”. He also has taken diverse specialization courses in econometric modeling and statistics imparted by the IMF, and several US and European universities.

Lucía Garza


Lucia Garza is Director of Economic Intelligence at HARBOR intelligence.She coordinates the collection, analysis and economic intelligence generation area. She is also a consultant in matters of economic environment and its perspectives. .

She has both, an Economics, and a Law bachelor’s degree from the Universidad de Monterrey, from which she graduated with the highest honors. She is candidate to the strategic foresight master’s degree from the “Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública del Tecnológico de Monterrey”.

Miss Garza is a speaker to high-profile company executives in Mexico and abroad.